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What does an inverter do?

An inverter is essential in a solar energy system as it converts the direct current (DC) electricity produced by solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity that is compatible with the electrical grid. This allows the solar energy to be used to power household and commercial electrical devices. Without the inverter, the electricity generated by the solar panels would not be compatible with standard electrical systems.

Duru-1 Hybrid Electricity Inverter

Hybrid & Connects as AC
9KWp of PV
Integrated Energy Meter
Modular – connect up to 6 inverters in parallel
Compatible with all Duracell Energy Batteries

Take Control of Your Energy

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“Drawing on DURACELL’s experience with other battery systems, we have determined to
bring the highest performing, longest lasting home energy storage systems to market.”

Mark Millar – DURACELL Energy

* The DURACELL Energy Smart APP is the only app that integrates with all available time-of-use tariffs. The DURACELL 5+ battery has a 1C rating which is twice as fast of the vast majority of batteries on the market and is guaranteed to last significantly longer.

Take Control of Your Energy