How Does a Solar Battery Work

Solar power has been around for many years; however, it has only become increasingly popular since technology has advanced to store the power generated by solar panels. Solar panels work by generating energy from the sun, which can then be used to provide the energy needed to run your home. A solar battery allows you to store this power when you need it most.

How do Solar Batteries Work with a Solar Power System?

Solar panels produce power during daylight hours. However, the majority of our household energy needs are during the evening when the sun has sunk below the horizon. A solar battery can store up the energy generated during the day and save it until the evening. At this point, the energy can be discharged from the solar battery and used as needed in your home. The next day, the solar panels can recharge the battery, and the cycle continues.

How do Solar Batteries Work with a Hybrid Inverter?

A hybrid inverter is a crucial part of your solar system power set-up. The energy produced by the solar panels is Direct Current (DC), and our household energy systems work on Alternating Current (AC). A hybrid inverter changes the energy from DC to AC so that it can be used to power up your home. Without an inverter, the DC power produced by your solar panels cannot be used in your home.

Do Solar Batteries Work at Night?

Solar batteries are designed for the nighttime. In an average household, the peak times for energy consumption are between 5pm and 9pm, when most of us get home from work and begin our evenings. A solar battery will store the energy produced from the solar panels throughout the day, which can be discharged throughout the evening as needed. If your battery does not have enough power to run your home for the evening, the remaining energy will be drawn from the grid, giving you a constant supply of energy. The amount of energy you can generate will depend upon the number of solar panels, the day length and the storage capabilities of your solar battery.

Do Solar Batteries Need Water?

There are two types of batteries used for solar batteries. The older style is the lead-acid battery, which requires its water to be topped up and checked regularly to keep it working correctly. The more modern batteries, such as Duracell Energy batteries, are a lithium-ion design, which does not require the addition of water to function. This makes the lithium-ion an excellent choice as it reduces the amount of maintenance needed for your home solar battery system.

Do Solar Batteries Need Direct Sunlight?

Solar batteries store the energy generated by the solar panels. Solar panels will generally be on your home’s roof, whereas solar batteries that store power will usually be within the home. The batteries can be affected by sunlight, so the battery’s health should be located away from direct sunlight. Modern solar batteries are designed to be minor and discrete to be installed inside the home.

Do Solar Panels Work on Rainy Days?

It is a common misconception that solar panels only work with direct sunlight. Long hours of direct sunlight are the best way to generate the most energy, but solar panels start to generate energy once the sky becomes light. Many people install solar panels in areas that are in partial shade and still gain benefits from their solar panels. Rainy days are still light; therefore, solar panels will still generate energy. This will require less energy than on a sunny day, but they still work. You will notice the most significant change in the energy your solar panels generate from the changing day lengths. The reduced day length during the winter months will have the most enormous effect on the energy production of your solar panels.

Do Solar Panels Need to Be Cleaned?

Solar panels are designed to be self-cleaning, so they don’t need to be cleaned regularly. However, if dirt and grime does accumulate on your panels, it can reduce their effectiveness. Fortunately, our British weather tends to bring rain with it. Rain can help to clean your panels by washing off dust and debris. However, if you notice a reduction in the output from your panels, it could be worth cleaning them. This could be done by spraying them with a garden hose or having them professionally cleaned. It depends on the level of dirt build-up and the angle of the panels. The flatter the panel, the more the dirt will generally accumulate.

Do Solar Panels Need Maintenance?

Solar panels are essentially maintenance-free. Once installed, they can be left alone to do their job, simply generating power for your home. If you notice a reduction in their efficiency, it may be worth investigating if some maintenance is needed. However, they will generally keep working with little or no maintenance.

Effective Home Solar Battery Storage Solutions

Solar energy is a simple and effective way to power your home. Combining panels with a home battery system combats the problem of only producing power during the daylight hours. By installing a home battery, you can save all the power generated throughout the day, ready to use in the evening. This reduces energy bills and security and creates a more environmentally friendly home. Duracell Energy batteries, are developed and designed to be high-quality, premium solar batteries that will enable you to create a sustainable solar battery storage setup in your home. You can use our online quote calculator to help you choose the best solar battery storage set-up for your home and enjoy a greener tomorrow.