BSI Provides Best Practice Recommendations For Home Battery Installs

The new PAS issued by the BSI provides best-practice recommendations for home battery installs. It advises against installing batteries in lofts and voids such as under-stairs, but it is important to note that this is not a regulation, but rather a specification for good practice standards. It is also subject to changes based on industry feedback over time and may not take into account newer, safer battery technology or fire ratings and mounting options of products. We will continue to ensure that our batteries will remain of the highest quality and that they conform with the latest legislation, and guidance procedures, so that appropriate changes can be made when necessary.

Duracell Energy batteries do not contain cobalt. We use premium LiFePO4 cell technology which minimises risk of thermal runway. From a safety perspective, our batteries are perfectly fine both indoors and outdoors – and many of our customers opt to utilise this flexibility.

While the new PAS provides guidance, it is essential to adhere to official regulations, such as the IET Code of Practice, Electrical Energy Storage Systems, 2nd Edition, which takes precedence over recommendations from the BSI. As a leading residential energy storage system provider in the UK, we are in contact with the BSI to address certain points and ensure that industry expertise is considered in the development of such specifications. It is crucial to consider both official regulations and best-practice standards when installing home batteries.