Getting Started With Home Battery Storage Without Solar

People tend to assume that you must have solar panels fitted on your home to install a home battery storage system, but this isn’t the case. More and more people are choosing to have a home battery storage system fitted without solar panels. This may be so that you can add solar panels at a later date or just to help you reduce your energy bill, but whatever the reason, Duracell Energy home battery storage systems provide an excellent solution for you.

Understanding Home Battery Systems

Home battery systems allow you to store the energy you have obtained and use it later. This energy could come from solar panels or the grid. This means you can buy energy from your energy supplier at the cheapest rate and use it when you wish. Given that most households use their energy during peak periods when the cost of electricity is highest, this can save you money on your electricity bill.

Can You Have Battery Storage Without Solar Panels?

You can have battery storage without solar panels, and whether it is the first step of your greener lifestyle or your only investment, it can be incredibly beneficial. A battery storage system simply stores power until you need it. Whether this power has been generated through a solar panel or purchased from the grid, it can still be stored. We tend to think of battery storage as the natural ally of solar panels but don’t underestimate their use as a standalone investment.

How Does Home Battery Storage Without Solar Work?

Once installed, your home battery storage can be set up to do its job with little or no interference. You can set up a system where your home energy system buys power at the most cost-effective time of day or night and saves it in your battery storage system. Then, when you want to boil the kettle or wash your clothes, the energy is stored and ready to use. It is a very simple and effective system.

Pros and Cons of Battery Storage without Solar

There are many pros to investing in a battery storage system without solar panels. It can save you money, enabling you to buy electricity at the cheapest rates and use it when required. It protects you from power outages or disruptions to the grid, which can help keep vital appliances running. It can help reduce your home’s carbon footprint, as the power produced at night is often cheaper and greener. If you do later decide to add solar panels to your home, then you already have a means to store the power that they generate. There are a few cons, the first being that you are not independent of the grid. Your home battery storage system should give you around 8 – 10 hours of power to run your home. It is only cost-saving if you set your system up correctly and buy energy at the cheapest rate on a variable-rate contract.

Can You Add Solar Panels to the Battery System Later?

The great advantage of our home battery storage systems is that if you decide to install solar panels later, you can! It’s that simple. Our adaptable battery storage systems can be connected to your solar panels to ensure you can store your power. You may need an inverter to convert the power produced by your solar panels into energy that can be used in your home, but we can assist you with this.

How Much is Home Battery Storage Without Solar in the UK?

As with all products, prices will vary across different brands and products. Regarding this spending as an investment rather than a cost, choosing the best fit for your home, rather than the cheapest, is a better decision. Using a home battery storage system will save you money on your energy bill, as long as you set the tariff up correctly, so you will soon save back the initial outlay cost.

Create Your Ideal Home Energy System Today

We believe people should be able to create affordable and reliable home energy systems that save money and give them more independence from the grid. Our carefully designed and engineered battery storage systems do just this. With our smart app, you can effortlessly control the power in your house by combining time-of-use tariffs, solar, battery storage and your EV charger, to save you money every day. To take your home into the future, simply get your quote today.



  1. How long do home battery storage systems last without solar panels? Our systems come with a 10-year guarantee to give you peace of mind about your investment.
  2. Are there any maintenance requirements for home battery storage systems without solar panels? A home storage system is very simple to maintain. Once installed, it can simply do its job without needing constant supervision or maintenance. With quality you can rely on, your Duracell Energy home battery will work for you for many years.
  3. Do I need a professional to install a home battery storage system without solar panels? Yes. Electricity can be extremely dangerous, so you should always use a qualified and reputable electrician to work on the electricity in your house. We recommend always checking the credentials of any electrician you use to ensure your battery storage system is correctly and safely installed.
  4. How can I determine the right home battery storage system size for my energy needs without solar panels? When you come to us, we will advise you on the right size system for your energy needs. It is not only the size of your house that makes a difference, but your energy usage. A busy family, with adults working from home and children, will use far more power than a professional couple out of their home all day. It can be useful to look at how much energy you are currently using so that you begin to understand your usage and how much energy your battery could store.
  5. Do I need an inverter for battery storage without solar panels? The inverter is crucial in converting the energy generated by your solar panels for use in your home. If you are using your battery storage system without solar panels, then the energy you are storing will be the energy coming in off the grid, which is already in the correct format to power your home. If you want to add solar panels later, you may need to add an inverter to your system.
  6. Can I add battery storage to an existing solar system? A solar system is most effective with a battery storage system that optimises the power generated. Our battery systems are designed to be compatible with many different solar systems, so they can be added to an existing solar system set-up.
  7. How many storage batteries do I need without solar panels? This will depend on the size of your home and how much energy you need to power your home.