How Much Do Solar Panel Batteries Cost?

Solar panel batteries are an additional cost for your greener lifestyle but are a vital part of the overall picture. Solar panels are an excellent way to provide green energy for your home; they are affordable to install and simple, and the sun shines down, creating energy. The only flaw with solar panels is that they only generate energy when the sun is shining, and most households use the most power during the evening, when the sun may have dipped below the horizon. If you can store all the power your solar panels have generated throughout the day and use it during the evening, your solar panels are far more effective. Not only this, but if you have an EV, you can also charge your car using the green energy you have stored from the day. With smart systems like ours, you can return any surplus energy to the grid. Solar panel batteries are integral to creating a self-sustainable and green home.

Factors that Influence the Cost of Solar Panel Batteries

As always, a variety of factors will contribute to the cost of a solar panel battery. You will need to weigh the costs versus benefits to choose the best solution for your green home.

Type of battery – Batteries tend to be either lithium-ion or lead-acid. Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive, but they last longer and can have a better energy density. Lead-acid batteries are cheaper to buy, but they must be replaced more frequently.

Capacity of the battery – Size will affect the cost. The higher the cost, the bigger the battery and the more energy it can store. You will need to choose the best storage system for your needs. A large family home with multiple electric cars and many solar panels will need to store far more power than a retired couple at home during the day.

Brand and quality of the battery – Choose a reputable brand so that you can be confident in the quality of your battery. As always, beware of batteries that seem unusually cheap. If it seems like too good a deal, it probably is.

Installation costs – In addition to the actual cost of the battery unit, consider the installation costs. These will vary depending on the location and amount of work that needs to be carried out to ensure that the solar panel battery is safely and correctly installed.

Government incentives and rebates – Government grants are available to help people create more energy-efficient homes. Still, they have specific criteria that you must meet to be eligible. The grants also change over time, so it is always sensible to check what is currently available and the end date on each particular grant.

Average Cost of Solar Panel Batteries

The cost of your solar panel battery will vary depending on your unique needs. The average 3-bed semi will need to spend around £4000 to have the right type of battery to support their family. Larger homes can be looking at up to around £ 7000, while smaller homes could be looking at around £2000. It is always worth spending time speaking to experts about the best way to set up your solar power system. Done correctly, this can give you cost-saving benefits and improve your carbon footprint.

Financial Incentives and Savings

You will save money with a solar panel battery set-up. Again, it will depend on certain factors, such as how many solar panels you have, how much energy you use, how much you store, and how much you can sell back to the grid. If you use your system to charge up an electric car, then factor in the cost-saving from not having to buy petrol or diesel and your savings will increase exponentially. Even without this additional cost saving, quoted figures for an average household saving are around £900 a year. Given that the average cost of fuelling a car for a year is around £1500, you can see that once you start looking at a complete green energy system, the savings quickly start to add up.

Benefits Of Investing In Solar Panel Batteries

If you are considering investing in solar panels, adding solar panel batteries brings so many additional benefits. The main drawback to solar panels is that they produce power during daylight hours when most of us are at work. Being able to store this energy for the evening, when we want to boil the kettle, cook dinner, run the washing machine, or charge our electric vehicles, makes sense. Investing in solar panel batteries also reduces your reliance on the grid, which is great news during a power cut and when you see the series of price hikes that the power companies have put their customers through. Becoming more self-sufficient protects you, and it protects the planet. Setting up your home with solar panels and battery storage reduces your consumption of fossil fuels, reducing your carbon footprint.

Make your Home Green with a Solar Power Storage System

Taking steps to improve our carbon footprint, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and live greener lives are vital to protecting our planet. Not only this, but with the rising living costs, any steps we can take to increase control of our spending and save money are beneficial. Creating a solar power system in your home is an excellent way. If you are investing in a system such as this, you want to be confident that you have chosen high-quality batteries, such as the ones designed and manufactured by us. With our smart app, you can effortlessly control the power in your house by combining time-of-use tariffs, solar, home battery storage and your EV charger to save you money every day. Simply fill in our form today to take your home into the future.