Everything You Need To Know About Storing Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most impressive of Earth’s natural resources. As more and more of us are looking for clean energy and trying to move away from the carbon-heavy load of fossil fuels, we are turning to solar power. Solar power is simple, straightforward, and safe. It is easy to install solar panels in your home, giving you instant access to the sun’s power. The only problem with solar power is that the sun only shines some days, and come evening, as the sun begins to dip behind the horizon, our energy demands begin to ramp up. The National Grid experiences high demand throughout the evening as people come home from work, put the kettle on, cook dinner, and charge their cars. This peak demand puts pressure on the National Grid, and as the world becomes increasingly more complex, this pressure only looks set to increase. But what if you could simply store the solar energy generated throughout the day and save it for the evening when you need it most? The good news is you can, and we will explore how to store your solar energy simply and safely with the Duracell Energy Suite of Products.

What Is A Solar Energy Storage System?

A solar energy storage system does exactly what it says: it stores the energy produced by your solar panels in what is essentially a large battery until such a time as you want to use it. Just as a traditional battery stores energy until you need it, a solar energy storage system does this. Your solar panels will work during daylight hours to generate power from the sun, but generally, this is when people are out of their homes at work and are not using power within their homes. A storage system simply collects the energy generated for later use, often in the evening after the sun has set. With Duracell Energy, you can optimise your home to have a complete power system with solar panels, storage, and car chargers. You can be both green and self-sufficient.

How Does Solar Energy Storage Work?

Energy generated by solar panels can either be sent directly into the house to power items such as washing machines or lights in real-time, or it can be stored. With our storage systems, you can use the energy later, or if you have surplus energy, you can sell it back to the grid. Our unique system has a smart app that automatically helps get you the fastest payback and the best return on your investment. Your storage system will store the direct current DC before converting it into alternating current AC to power your home safely.

Types of Solar Energy Storage

As solar power has increased in popularity, the need for good storage solutions has become more pressing. Solar panels are popular with households, as they are relatively cheap to install and give a good return on investment over the years. Households need a simple storage system that is affordable and safe. Generally, battery storage is the preferred choice for a residential dwelling. On a commercial scale, there are more options, as the initial investment can be bigger, and space is less of a limiting factor.

Electrical Storage

Batteries like the Duracell Energy battery system are the most common way to store solar power. Different types of batteries are available, including lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and nickel-cadmium batteries. As with all solutions, each one has its pluses and minuses. Lead-acid batteries have been around for many years and are reliable and cheap. However, they are heavy and bulky and must be housed in well-ventilated areas. They also have the shortest life and must be replaced every 5 – 10 years. Lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly popular as they are smaller and lighter and last 10 – 15 years. While they are more expensive, lithium prices are dropping, so they are becoming more affordable. Nickel-cadmium batteries are resilient and long-lasting, but their cadmium is highly toxic, causing problems when disposed of. Since many people are turning to greener energy sources to protect the environment, nickel-cadmium batteries are less popular.

Chemical Energy Storage Systems

Chemical energy storage systems transform the energy produced into another form, such as hydrogen, which can be stored before use. These chemicals are often energy-dense substances, so they take up less space than other forms of storage. These systems are more commonly used commercially than in a household system.

Thermal Energy Storage

A thermal energy storage system is designed to store energy for many months. These systems are used commercially to ensure that power will be available during downtime from renewable energy sources. Thermal energy storage uses a fluid (such as molten salt) or a solid material to gather heat and store it in an insulated tank until the energy is needed. The heat is often then converted into superheated steam to power turbines and generate electricity. Again, this would not be used in a residential setting.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Solar Energy Storage System

The most important factor to consider when choosing the ideal solar energy storage system is how you will use the system. If you are setting up a commercial storage facility, you will need a very different setup than that needed for a domestic property. If you are looking to install a solar energy storage system for your home, then we have the ideal home battery solutions.

Our solar energy storage system is designed to ensure smooth integration of time-of-use tariffs, solar, battery storage and EV chargers. With our smart app, you can manage your power, optimise your cost savings, and maximise your payback and return on investment. You want a robust and intelligently designed system that has been designed and manufactured to last for years and be simple to use so that you can make your home a completely self-sufficient system.

Benefits of Storing Solar Energy

The sun is the most incredible power source. Installing solar panels in your home is the first step in harnessing and utilising this power to live a cleaner and more sustainable life. Having invested in your solar power, it is sensible to store the power you have generated throughout the day so that you can use it in the evening. Not only is this financially sensible, but it is also practical. Storing your energy reduces your reliance on the National Grid. So, if there is a power cut, you will still have power in your home, as you can simply use the power in your energy storage system. The benefits continue. By investing in a Duracell Energy storage system, you can make money from your solar panels. Any energy you produce more than your storage can be sold back to the grid, and with our integrated smart app, the system will do all the leg work for you. Now, you can maximise the power of solar panels.

Best Practices for Storing Solar Energy

It is worth investing in a high-quality storage system if you are looking at storing solar power in your home. You need to ensure that your solar storage system can be integrated with your other systems, such as your EV charging system, and that it can feed energy back to the National Grid, as this will help you achieve a good return on your investment. It is worth researching the best system to store your solar energy. You need a system that is safe, effective and simple to use. The Duracell Energy home battery system is the ideal solution for your home.

Choose Duracell Energy for your Solar Power Storage Solution

With the rise in demand from the public for green energy solutions and the desire from homeowners to create usable and practical solar energy storage systems, we have worked to create the very best home battery system to safely and effectively store energy produced from solar panels. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, and our solar energy system is no different. We have invested time and resources in creating the smart app that works alongside it to seamlessly integrate with your time-of-use tariffs, solar, battery storage and EV chargers and give you the power to control your home’s energy system from your fingertips. If you are looking to create a self-sufficient and green home, work with a company you can trust. To be contacted by one of our team please fill in the form.